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Love Conquers ALL…that is Real/Physical in the battle between Reality and Illusion DAY 407 (by Sunette Spies)

Reactions: Missing Reality, Detouring into Illusion - ending-up in the Realm of Paranoia DAY 404 (by Sunette Spies)

Humans are Living Memories - the Past repeats and a Future does not in fact Exist: DAY 378 (by Sunette Spies)

BEES on Humanity: Why are We Still Here? (by Marlen Vargas Del Razo)

Do You have a Fashionista Eye? (by @SunetteSpies)

Believing you can Open the Mind creates the Illusion that you’re in Control of the Mind: DAY 370 (by @SunetteSpies)

If “No Man is an Island”, why do Humans live in a World of their own In the Mind?: DAY 368 (by Sunette Spies)

DAY 368: “It is often said “with Great Power, comes Great Responsibility”. It is often said “Man has dominion over the earth, animals, the environment and nature”. So, if man has Dominion / Power over/of this physical existence — does that then not define our Responsibility as well? The advancement of Technology / the evolution of the Power of the Machine — does that then not define our Responsibility as Well?”

This Interview has also been Transcribed and can be Read at:http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot…. 

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Thoughts are Self-Aware — that’s why they can Talk to us: DAY 366 (by Sunette Spies)

Explaining the illusion of Experience

Words, Sound and Energy programs Water, our Physical Bodies — and so Ourselves: DAY 363 (by Sunette Spies)

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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