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Airplane Flies High

 I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to see/realise/understand, how with my Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind seats preoccupied with knowledge and information, thoughts, memories, emotions, feelings, personalities etc. – which only exist to ensure my survival as energy, as FLYING HIGH above the earth/the physical-body through consuming physicality and transforming it into energy: Where in and as this Plane as the Mind – my only interest is FLYING HIGH in and as quantum time – and I will only now and then, look out through the windows of the Plane/the windows of the Eyes of the Physical and SEE my physical-body as the pain/discomfort it experience, SEE the physical-consequences as abuse/violence/war within this Physical-Existence. But I do not in fact LOOK in and as equality and oneness with and as my physical-body and this physical-existence as me. Because my SEEING is within, as and from the Plane/Mind apparently FLYING HIGH above the physical-body and this physical-existence in and as absolute separation, and so I SEE through the eyes of the MIND, and not through the eyes of the Physical-Body in and as equality and oneness, and not through the eyes of existence in and as equality and oneness. And thus, All I SEE through the Mind/Plane is within and as the starting-point of me as Energy/Mind, and so I will only see the physical-body and this physical existence as an opportunity for me to consume physicality to transform into energy for my own possession/survival of and as Energy/Mind/Consciousness. And not SEE the consequence I as the Mind/Money create/manifest to/towards the Physical-Body and this Physical-Existence, because I am too busy FLYING HIGH in and as quantum-time, and not HERE, landed, grounded and earthed in and as equality and oneness with my Physical-Body and this Physical-Existence as me.

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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