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””#Capitalism does not have the ability to generate the kind of #livingincome jobs that will be necessary in order to sustain a decent standard of living for the majority … So we have to have a strategy where we not only fight for every reform that we can get, including single payer healthcare, but … It can’t be in isolation from also thinking about fundamental shift in society […]it will depend on what role we play – you know, we as in working people, young people, older people, people who have a stake in changing society, you know – it’s in our hands … We have to point the way forward, and that is the #responsibility of the left, and we’re trying to do that. But we need other forces to step in.”

Is capitalism inherently ‘bad’? No, it is the lack of #democratic regulation of it that has turned it into what it is: #crony capitalism, a corpocracy. The way forward is to establish through direct democracy a Living Income Guaranteed by Equal Life Foundation system that enables doubling current minimum wages and provides a Living Income / #BasicIncome for every person that so requires it. Then we will effectively become the shareholders of the corporations that commercialize our indispensable necessities = food, water, electricity, transportation, healthcare, housing to directly participate in the decision making processes of how to best make use of our resources. WE are such force to back up any person that stands as a starting point for solutions, it’s time to give an End to the idea of ‘Leaders’ doing it all for ourselves and that’s what a genuine #Democracy is all about - Investigate:

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Capitalism is a “dirty word”: America’s new socialist council member talks to Salon -
The World-System of Money is consuming the very life of/as this physical existence, only because it’s on an existential scale it takes longer than what we do within ourselves and our own human physical bodies, where instead of this existence being manifested within the equal and one support of life and living – the World-System of Money is consuming this physical existence to its slow, sure but certain death. Rotting ourselves away from the inside and out, as we have become the very enzymes within our relationship to substance/physical as our relationships creations of energy that deteriorate and break-down substance/physical-tissue for our own survival as Energy-Consuming machines: Rotting ourselves away within and without – instead of standing equal-to and one with substance/physicality to produce life/living…

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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