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This is why we cannot count on the ‘Elite’ of this world to sort out the mess we find ourselves in, they are not well, they are the result of genetic manipulations that has summed up into one DNA the crimes of generations past – and what an amazing resume that is.

In this sense we could say the current Top Dogs are our best Allies, they are the ones that will force our awakening as we come to terms with the sad reality of this world and the realization that truly there is no one driving this world to a solution, or driving it at all, the Elite is lost in amazing mind bending esoteric exercises, believing themselves to be the new Alchemists of the Century, building empires based on symbols, colours, numbers and letting the world rot because everything they do takes up enormous amounts of their brain capacity and their focus is lost in magic/imagination/rituals at the expense of the physical reality that desperately needs our attention.

Day 422: Survival of the Fittest -or of The Most Dishonest Ones? « Money Matters
However – instead of focusing on and promoting the joy of learning, the school system presents students with a detached, distilled and superficial version of reality that they have to memorize. When students sit on their chairs, day in day out, hour after hour expected to passively integrate information for which they have no context for, the information does not ‘pour’ into them. Instead it feels like trying to chisel information into a hard rock and the more time goes by, the more difficult it gets to force and shove information in there.
Connecting Learning to Real Life: DAY 81

Human Rights are Useless without the Right Conditions (by Niklas Nydahl)

Happiness will only be REAL, a REALITY – when it is NOT dependent on MONEY
for One individual to have a ‘Happiness on their life/living platter’ – a lot of other Human Beings have to suffer on the Outskirts of the World System, BECAUSE there are only SO MANY platters, because there is ONLY SO MUCH MONEY in circulation and thus, only those connected to the money in circulation, can get a platter and fill that platter with, for example ‘Happiness’ in whatever caters to their Personal Self Interest, while the REST have to suffer on the outskirts of the World System and so Money. Thus, as long as Money as it exist now, the World System as it exist now and human beings defining their ‘Happiness’ within this World System according to its conditions/parameters: such human beings are in fact DIRECTLY responsible for ALL consequence of humanity/this physical existence; instead ofstanding up for / standing together to ensure that ALL of humanity have a life/living platter in/as which we can develop a JOY of life/living in/as this physical existence through/within co-existing together, here – which is proposed within an Equal Money System that will ENSURE a life-platter for each equally, as one.” - Sunette Spies 
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how I have from the Beginning, given up Eternal Life as equality and oneness with and as Substance, for the Temporary/Tempting Saturation experience of myself as Energy. by Sunette Spies
The Law of Energetic Abuse is the last name of our creation: is our very growth the byproduct of a Negative experience?

"I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, how – my very ‘physical-movement’ from/of the female physical-body womb, is/has been equal-to and one-with my initial manifested-singularity movement within/as existence when I initially emerged/manifested myself into/as a manifested-singularity within/as existence. Where, in my initial solid-standing as manifested-singularity, as manifested-separation that manifested friction/conflict as negative-energy experience to/towards existence/the whole as me as I conceptualized me as an individual separate from/of the whole – where that initial negative-energy experience was enough to accumulate into neutral energy-experience and positive-energy experience, as I was standing/remaining there in that one solid-standing position – the positive-energy experience of/as the MORE of me started lessening, to the neutral energy experience of/as only me and eventually experienced only the ‘lesser’ of/as me as negative-energy experience as the friction/conflict reverberation/ripples from/of the structure/formation of/as my manifested-singularity that manifested and was experienced within/as me. And as my awareness of/as me as Energy had already been defined within/as the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience, I in/as my manifested-singularity moved myself to search/look for the experience of/as me within/as myself as the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience. And as I MOVED through/as the motivation of/as the lesser experience of/as me as negative-energy experience to look/search for the more of/as me as positive-energy experience, the very movement generated/created more friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, accumulated the neutral energy experience into and as the positive-energy experience of/as MORE of/as me. And so, from that moment – the very movement of/as me as manifested-singularity was constant/continuous in/through the motivation of/as me - searching for/looking for the MORE of/as me as Energy within/as myself as positive energy-experience the moment I started experiencing either the neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ and/or the negative-energy experience of/as the lesser of me."

The Negative ALWAYS Move the Positive: DAY 25 by Sunette Spies 

If all you ask from God is Money

 then why not just calling God ‘Money’ and save the entire rituals and tags as being a christian or a muslim a spiritual person? - that way we can start getting a bit more real in terms of what is the one seemingly ‘unbeatable’ power in reality, which is, by the way, also an illusion.

Money is an Illusion - it is a make believe system:

To read more about this: 

Dethroning GOD: DAY 16

When something makes you think, it is a trap you set for yourself. You must take it to action, or change will not happen and you will end up as a philosopher instead of a living being.
 Bernard Poolman

Conservatives? Is that for food or thought?

It is necessary to see how words are the key to understand how we are creating our reality, that’s part of the process we’re walkin here as well. Describing beings as ‘vulnerable’ is another way to deviate the point of self responsibility. Such gluttony is equated to the greed that is keeping the system in place, not only for America but for everyone in the world. Over-consumption = over-disregard of what is enabling such ability to scavenge the Earth. Is it Money? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then we have found the root cause that is not an ‘evil system’ in itself, but a creation by human beings that believe there can be anything of actual ‘power’ and ‘superiority’ in this world, which is what drives the current politicians, never really committing themselves to advocate equality or what’s best for all, because this would shut down their slave-based reality that keeps ‘those in power’ in place. Time to take a self honest look to this reality indeed, the party won’t last forever and time is running as the Earth wails for us to STOP disregarding what actually matters here.

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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