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Equal Money: unfounded criticism


2011 Money is NOT EVIL

Two thoughts: You realize that this won’t happen anytime soon.:) I don’t know in which reality you envision extremely powerful people agreeing to such a change…Never. And, personally, I’m disliking this focus on money..but then again, you’re free to say what you want.

And one more thing…I’m also disliking the cult vibe I get from these videos. Strange..

@expressexpose You won’t require their agreement, you require the majority realizing that everyone requires equal considerations within a political system that considers all beings equal. Money = Life -what possible ‘dislike’ could you get from that? Free speech is another form of using words to abuse common sense as the law of our being which is Equality - this is in most cases, I don’t use ‘Freedom’ as an excuse, I rather speak what’s best for all. The ‘CULTure’ you’re in spreads fear: be-ware

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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