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How to implement Clean Renewable Energy Systems while Funding our @LivingIncome Guaranteed as a #HumanRight. (by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Imagine profits made by renewable energy funding your living income to guarantee your fundamental living rights - a dream? No, Living Income Guaranteed
“Microsoft has a long way to go in matching its rival in the green energy sweepstakes; Google has invested more than $1 billion in wind and solar and has contracts to purchase 570 MW worth of wind energy. Among its investments is the $168 million it has put into a 370 MW solar thermal power plant that is set to come online in the southern California desert by year’s end.”
Google and Microsoft’s newest rivalry: renewable energy - Quartz
It’s time to question who is behind administering the EXAMS and who gave them the right to do so in the first place?.
We are all responsible from the moment that we ‘chose’ to create an ‘educational system’ that could filter out those that would not match the necessary obedience and compliance required to maintain/ sustain a system that deifies money/god/energy and neglects the actual living flesh that was never meant to be abused in the name of the mind’s desire for power and control - which are the current ‘qualities’ of our monetary system. Hence, it’s all about segregation : divide and conquer. For some to be ‘on top’ there must be inevitably some form of ‘instrument’ = doctrine/education that can make others believe that ‘they are inherently flawed’ - that way, these self-believed ‘inherently flawed’ individuals will accept a lower position within the hierarchical structure of society. Thus, the educational system serves one god only: Money and for that, slaves and masters are required.

Equal Money System is the solution to create an actual living consideration of each individuals abilities/ skills. The only reason why we had not questioned is because we thought ourselves to be the victims of it, instead of the actual co-creators of such egregious measures in the name of our own ability to seek happiness/ power/ control at the expense of deliberately numbing down others to be the slaves that sustain our current ‘lifestyle’ bubble of existence. - Marlen Vargas Del Razo ||  
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that television is designed to take the best advantage of the fear patterns and the physical response the human body has to fear, to maximize control and profit, as the human psyche is NOT understood at all – therefore, the invention of control, to keep the human caged while feeding it sugar like Love, to keep it occupied and high till Death. by Bernard Pool
The World-System of Money is consuming the very life of/as this physical existence, only because it’s on an existential scale it takes longer than what we do within ourselves and our own human physical bodies, where instead of this existence being manifested within the equal and one support of life and living – the World-System of Money is consuming this physical existence to its slow, sure but certain death. Rotting ourselves away from the inside and out, as we have become the very enzymes within our relationship to substance/physical as our relationships creations of energy that deteriorate and break-down substance/physical-tissue for our own survival as Energy-Consuming machines: Rotting ourselves away within and without – instead of standing equal-to and one with substance/physicality to produce life/living…

From Profit to Best-for-All Production: Equal Money System

We’ll have a complete new starting point within production: from profit damaging/hazardous products to non-profit best-for-all production. 

We certainly can only begin to grasp to what extent this will change within the Equal Money System due to having been used to buying/ selling/ producing products having the eternal background of money/ profit-making as the decisive factor for everything we buy/ sell/ produce.

For now as a practical application is cool to see/ analyze how much money we spend on ourselves when feeding and fueling a singular matrix-construct such as personality, I’ve made a blog on this topic (Personality costs Money) wherein by observing everything we eat, wear and in essence buy is also dependent on not only practical purposes but style/personality related objects that are not indispensable to actually live. 

We as products of the system turn ourselves into consumers that later on become products themselves in the current world system which is an actual market-system. We’ve made of this life a gigantic corporation, this is not only an ‘american thing’ definitely, it’s everywhere and once that system stops, we’ll be facing ourselves with realizing to what extent everything we’ve ever been has been tainted with money - hence the current outflow of events wherein we are facing a crisis that singles out the most obvious that we’ve disregarded all this time: we’ve made of life a product. 

Hence we can stop here and realize how Equal Money is the ultimate redemption as humanity to everything and all that we’ve harmed, abused and neglected all this time because of money/ power/ greed/ self interest.  

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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