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Bullying: Getting a Kick out of imposing yourself onto another

A point to look at is in/when bullying: the person that ‘bullies’ does it from the ability to have power over others as a ‘superiority’ experience = instigate a reaction in another so that they can feel powerful/ better than the one they made react, a mere energetic kick that’s reinforced through the hierarchical structure we’ve imposed onto life, accepting and allowing the existence of authority of energy as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ experiences above equality as life, when in fact it is absolutely the other way around.

The way to stop the problem is realizing and reinforcing education of Equality as Life, simply because: it is non existent in our reality at the moment, only Desteni provides it and that has to be expanded to everywhere in the world as it is only through our actual walking of self-change that the key to living in equality exists. 

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Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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