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406. ‘The Fall’ in Process

406. ‘The Fall’ in Process

Throughout this process and interacting with a considerable amount of people online walking the same process within Desteni as I am, I’ve read many, many times how people ‘come’ and ‘go’ when it comes to applying the tools at Desteni like writing, sharing at the forums, sharing our writings and in essence doing so because we understand that this is about placing visibility of the…

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The first fallacy: Power means to have LOTS of money, being in a ‘higher position’ where you can control others and abuse something/someone to continue aggrandizing your personal power. So, this is certainly not the definition of power, but the definition of Abuse masked as ‘power’ and ‘success’ and some kind of ‘divine power’ that is ingrained in our minds from thousands of years ago, mind control it is.
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The Shape of Things to Come

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Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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