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Lies:absolute projections of self, when the truth of self is hidden and placed in secrecy within self and a second layer is placed over the truth as the lie which the being present themselves to be.

Lies are the application, thoughts and words that are done and spoken within self and relationship to others. Where a being, for instance a businessman, would for example stand in absolute petrifying fear and inferiority within conversation with others around him communicating about another to take on and fight as the proving of the win of the fight to be the status of his male ego being polished and shined. Though during this conversation within the petrifying fear and inferiority complex the businessman is experiencing, he projects the idea to others around him as being strong, superior, stable with a powerful seemingly unbreakable stance as his thunderous voice resonates through the area in which they are communicating, with a million dollar smile plastered on his face, making vigorous actions as body language to in this way confirm that he is getting away with a projected lie of himself as who and what he is with others so they may never know his actual experience of himself as petrifying fear and inferiority. Lies within the applications of self and others in their world are also the projection of multiple different personalities of one being in the presence of others. Where the one being will have multiple different projections of self as multiple different personalities as one different projection and personality for each being in their world who they encounter, never the same, always different, depending in whose presence they are. This is the application of lying to self and others in their world, to be a certain projection and personality to create an idea, a lie of who they really are to please, satisfy or be accepted and liked.”

The Astrology of Heaven in the times of Revelation • Desteni - Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles
In a world where flesh is our mirror, the love we show for all living beings in flesh is certainly not love. The mental show with which we justify the feeling of love while the mirror of flesh shows the dishonesty, is the way of the lie. The living world as flesh on earth shows only that hate has become reality and is spreading fast as more and more find themselves without physical support. What human could possibly promote a feeling of love when the flesh of love do not represent this love in action? Self honesty as the living flesh is the most difficult thing that exist and will mirror who is here as Life and who is here as mental energy Ego.

 Bernard Poolman The Mirror of Flesh

Debunking Equal Money Myths


There will be deep economic depression, with decline in economic activity, loss of jobs, breakdown of society and hunger in the least-developed areas.This is because equal money discourages people from putting effort into anything. If quality of life does not depend on one’s effort, then the lazy are exploiting the hard-working, so nobody wants to work hard.
 Damek » Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:06 pm

There IS already an economic depression and it’s not ‘new’ but it’s only now tha we’re seeing the consequences of our own separation of this reality through this man-made system wherein we’ve placed numbers as values that are ‘worth’ more than life which has lead us to our current facing of consequences for having committed such aberration from the way life should’ve always been which is in Equality. 

Hence, the rest of the points such as ‘decline in economic activity, loss of jobs, hunger and growing poverty belts wherein there used to be bonanza all around are but outflows of an intrinsically flawed system that has been our creation. 

This is because equal money discourages people from putting effort into anything.

This pretty much reveals what is the usual motivation for human beings to do anything in this world: Greed/ power over others/ personal gain without any further consideration of actually doing something that is required to be done for and by all to sustain the current system. Self-motive-action in the Equal Money System stems from the realization that we will be living, working and supporting to create and sustain a systemt that will be considering ALL as equals therefore, no one will be left out from havng dignified living conditions.
This is in itself the main point I can see can ‘make my day’ from the get go instead of having to live to power the double-shift batteries required to power the current system of abuse, corruption and enslavement that leads to some of the outflows you mentioned earlier which are only a few if we consider the whole picture of every single aspect that is defined by money and its nature - which is virtually everything as we’ve currently linked everything to money. 

This is our self created demise so we’re the ones that must take self responsibility for it. That will certainly require effort and hard work, but it’ll be a hard work tha will be finally conducted to one single aim whch is Equality as life as dignified conditions for all living beings in this world. 

So, I disagree with ‘equal money’ discouraging people- then such people are proven to still be mind control seeking fake assetts of power and ‘wealth’ as that which is only a make believe system super imposed on to what’s here and what’s always been here that has only been monetized, abused and exploited by the human being within its role as the ‘master’ and ‘dominant species’ within this ecosystem. 

If quality of life does not depend on one’s effort, then the lazy are exploiting the hard-working, so nobody wants to work hard.

If-then -so: fuzzy logic, system talk - will only justify the systematic ‘common sense’ that has no actual common sense consideration of wht’s best for all but will create anything that sounds ‘right’ to justify the abdication of self responsibility by human beings. 

Best is to start getting yourself educated here if you are actually willing to participate in this as an Equal learning and supporting yourself to understand the deception that’s being justified and excused through your words. It is only through studying what’s here and applying it/ correlating it to your physical reality that you can begin to grasp to what extent we’ve placed value and worth where there is NON at all other than Life itself which is equally existent in everything that is here. 

That is common sense: equality as life here as the only actual ‘value’ which debunks all values and gives the card back to ourselves to draw a reality that is simply equally considering everyone as equal-parts that must be equally-supported as principle - not by man-made laws.

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Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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