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Tales of a weedower

Comments on the video "Stop Weed or DIE" 

I’ve been a chronic weed smoker since I was 16. I hold a high position in a care home and have been working there for over 4 years. I’ve been smoking more than 9 years. Life’s great; it doesn’t effect my work, social life or body. I’ve taken breaks in this time (through strength of will) I noticed no difference in myself apart from drinking more (which did caused detriment to life). So, you have an addictive personality. If you fall that far into something as mild as weed, you should aviod tea. MrRequiet 49 minutes ago

@MrRequiet LOL I definitely suggest you do some research on how we exist as human beings addicted to a single simple accepted and allowed point such as thinking. That in itself constitutes an addiction that leads to many other addictions if we accept it and allow it to be so. Therefore, by you know you are a ‘chronic smoker’ you’ll have to seriously accept yourself as an addict - otherwise you’d test yourself and stop if you do realize that’s not a natural state of the human being. MarlenLife 

  • @MarlenLife So you’ll notice I took time off… I don’t smoke because I NEED to, I use it as a medicinal herb.You say that the natural state of mind is to be compleatly sober; then why have they found traces of canabis in bronze age cups, mixed with the alcohol they were drinking. Not to mention that apart from cats humans are one of the few animals with receptors in their brains for THC. Do you not think that something humans have been using since the dawn of time is un-natural?

  • @MrRequiet LOL so because the first human beings did it now it becomes acceptable? I know about thc and whatnot, this is NOT about justifying the use of a drug and its origins. This is about you daring to face yourself sober. I don’t give a fuck if god used weed either, this is about you here at this moment in life taking self responsibility for a habit that is part of neglecting this reality to not face it completely sober.

  • @MarlenLife No, I was discrediting your statment of what is normal… normal is what is done most… yea, so to say I’m neglecting reality because I smoke weed and to then say that it’s away from the norm? Everyone escapes reality… why else would people read books or watch a film.

  • @MrRequiet what is done most is cheating, stealing, lying, deceiving, abusing and existing in an alternate mind reality of sorts - therefore your ‘consolation’ is in fact a bad way of vindicating your habits, certainly the ‘norm’ and the ‘common things’ done in this world are the problem because everyone is seeking to escape. You’ve hit the nail now - you’ve got the point: people are always trying to run away from themselves, so does everyone that smokes weed. I stopped. End of conversation


  • marijuana is enlightening

  • @NinetiesYouth I thought so as well until I saw that the only thing I kept lighting up was a joint in the hopes of getting out of my own fucked up mind - that’s obviously not the way. En-LiE-tame-ment has been a trap all the way. Dare to Live and see who you really are: the truth of yourself relies on your breath - dare to see what you’ve become, forgive yourself and let go.

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