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Equal Life Foundation: Children’s Rights (by Marlen Vargas Del Razo)

The Equal Life Foundation - Bill of Rights  The Equal Life Foundation has been established by a global community consisting of people from…View Post

The Equal Life Foundation - Bill of Rights

  The Equal Life Foundation has been established by a global community consisting of people from…

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Activism and Mind Control (by Marlen Vargas Del Razo) Activism and Mind Control - The New Way to Contain the Real Possibility for Change in this World?

Happiness will only be REAL, a REALITY – when it is NOT dependent on MONEY
for One individual to have a ‘Happiness on their life/living platter’ – a lot of other Human Beings have to suffer on the Outskirts of the World System, BECAUSE there are only SO MANY platters, because there is ONLY SO MUCH MONEY in circulation and thus, only those connected to the money in circulation, can get a platter and fill that platter with, for example ‘Happiness’ in whatever caters to their Personal Self Interest, while the REST have to suffer on the outskirts of the World System and so Money. Thus, as long as Money as it exist now, the World System as it exist now and human beings defining their ‘Happiness’ within this World System according to its conditions/parameters: such human beings are in fact DIRECTLY responsible for ALL consequence of humanity/this physical existence; instead ofstanding up for / standing together to ensure that ALL of humanity have a life/living platter in/as which we can develop a JOY of life/living in/as this physical existence through/within co-existing together, here – which is proposed within an Equal Money System that will ENSURE a life-platter for each equally, as one.” - Sunette Spies 

" Look in a mirror and see the timeless, ageless being you are." - Really?

 "I mean, shouldn’t we have by now seen, realised and understood that BLAMING everything and everyone else for what manifests/come up in “MY Mind, in MY Body” is not a Solution AT ALL and has not ever really solved ANYTHING – I mean, if each individual human being, would take ABSOLUTE responsibility for their internal world/reality, REALLY sorting things out in the Mind from consequence to solution, to being/becoming a real living solution, we’d have a changed humanity, but obviously within this – we require first a stable environment, stable living conditions for human beings to be able to have the time, the space, the external physical world taken care of/cared for to be able to give the needed attention/focus to really sort out the Internal World/Reality – which is proposed by the Equal Money System; stabilizing the external world, to stabilize the internal world. And for some within the Money System can already start walking both, walking with Desteni as well as standing together/coming together for/as an Equal Money System – practical solutions that really FACE the problems, understand them and bring them to an equality and oneness as the ONLY REAL WAY we’re going to see change in ourselves, humanity and this Physical Existence as a whole.” - Sunette Spies 

It’s time to question who is behind administering the EXAMS and who gave them the right to do so in the first place?.
We are all responsible from the moment that we ‘chose’ to create an ‘educational system’ that could filter out those that would not match the necessary obedience and compliance required to maintain/ sustain a system that deifies money/god/energy and neglects the actual living flesh that was never meant to be abused in the name of the mind’s desire for power and control - which are the current ‘qualities’ of our monetary system. Hence, it’s all about segregation : divide and conquer. For some to be ‘on top’ there must be inevitably some form of ‘instrument’ = doctrine/education that can make others believe that ‘they are inherently flawed’ - that way, these self-believed ‘inherently flawed’ individuals will accept a lower position within the hierarchical structure of society. Thus, the educational system serves one god only: Money and for that, slaves and masters are required.

Equal Money System is the solution to create an actual living consideration of each individuals abilities/ skills. The only reason why we had not questioned is because we thought ourselves to be the victims of it, instead of the actual co-creators of such egregious measures in the name of our own ability to seek happiness/ power/ control at the expense of deliberately numbing down others to be the slaves that sustain our current ‘lifestyle’ bubble of existence. - Marlen Vargas Del Razo ||  
Calling All Activists: Here’s the Real Deal

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the only way to change the world in a peaceful way would be through political means and the direction of my financial support.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the only way to change the world in a peaceful way would be through political means and the direction of my financial support.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deliberately disempower myself by taking on actions as an activist, while the real power behind activism is money, which comes from corporations that only serve the self-interest of profit, forcing me as activist into a compromise where I am useless in fact, and only a token that will never change the world in fact.

I commit myself to call on all activists to reinvestigate their true support, so that those that realize that change is necessary can align themselves with practical solutions if they can get past their ego of self-interest and acceptance of the current system.

Day 30: The Decision by Bernard Poolman

Fracking Hell on Earth Money Must Support Life NOT Destroy it
Reward – Reap from Wars Within and Without: DAY 20
Fracking Hell: The Untold Story 

Fracking Hell on Earth Money Must Support Life NOT Destroy it

Reward – Reap from Wars Within and Without: DAY 20

Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

Response to SuperAnimalDrummer “Ex-Vegetarian who is now anti-vegetarian”

 SuperAnimalDrummer, this is a response to the video 

Ex-Vegetarian who is now anti-vegetarian   

which you have made in response to the video:
2010 VegetarianISM: Just Another RELIGION

published on my channel. 

First of all: we are not ‘Anti-Veganism/ Vegetarianism’ We are essentially saying that stopping eating meat is Not the solution to Stop Animal Abuse/ Animal Slaughter/ Industrial-Farming due to this problem having its acceptance and allowance due to the current monetary and legal system that disregards life and ponders profit-making activities. 

2. Reacting with anger/ fear or any other emotional outburst is a cool support that you can taken on for yourself to then see where am I actually separating myself from another person’s statements/living condition and how am I able to establish myself within common-sense wherein I can stop reacting within an emotional experience and instead, direct myself to see what is being proposed/ said by that person that I am reacting to and if such proposal/ argument is standing within a principle and consideration of what is best for all. 

3. ‘Working on handling emotions’ is a suppression-mechanism wherien we then ‘shove away’ the emotions without understanding the root and cause of them existing within you in the first place, which is a process of accumulated acceptances and allowances of self-talk as your thoughts that eventually generate an experience that is able to override common sense and override your ability to discern what is common sense = what’s best for all within your own life and toward anything or anyone you encounter in your life. 

4. The reason why we are saying that by the single use of money we are all equally participating in this system of abuse and disregard of LIFE is because money is that which gives access to life - yet money is not equally available/given to all as that life-given-right to exist in this world and live a dignified life. Thus, because of us accepting money as the motor/ fuel of this profit-driven reality, we are in essence tacitly complying to the rules of how money works, which we have not questioned before to see if such ‘laws’ such as how “economy works” is in fact a Life-supportive system. We know that it is not by self-evident reasons, and animal slaughter/ animal abuse/ the excess of meat consumption is proof of how money dictates the rules and ‘trends’ of how to treat life as products and create/expand a market for it, such as instigating the consumption of meat at a cultural level, due to the media and other ways in which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to decide ‘what we eat’ without questioning HOW such products are created and how they are being sold within an entire world system based on, once again, profit.

5. Right now the “laws” of supply and demand do not apply. I explain in the following video why they don’t work:

2012 Industrial Farming and the Equal Money System 

We live in a profit-driven world where all laws are manipulated and written out to suit the interests of those that have enough money to buy the legal-policies in order to keep, in this case, industrial farming in place. We live in a fixed-economy wherein the laws are not defined by you or me - at the moment - they are numbers and laws that are created in order to keep the system working within the ‘laws’ of making the most profit without a single regard to life - this is animals, plants, environment and human beings = all equal and one. 

6. The reason why I have called ‘Vegetarianism’ as a Religion is due to people uniting/ identifying themselves wtihin an idea and cause that is not considering what’s best for all. You have said it yourself in your video how you are also ‘cast away’ from society because people not liking ‘vegetarians.’ That should - for all practical reasons - stop within yourself as another form of ‘opposing the system/ society’ and instead realize that if you are really interested in stopping animal abuse/ industrial farming, you have to rather educate yourself on how the system actually works, get to your congress and challenge the laws that are currently being allowed toward that particular problem. This has been done in other cases such as the ability to own guns/ weapons in the US and laws are still neglecting all that which has been happening such as school shootings and domestic violence just because of there being a massive industry behind this laws that allow any regular citizen to own guns. The same applies with factory farms. 

Thus, what needs to be taken on for an actual reform? The entire economical and political system wherein laws dictate what is accepted and allowed and what is not. As long as money continues being the determining factor within legislation = fighting/ opposing and complaining about the system through acts like stopping eating meat is just a personal-fix wherein you feel ‘good’ about yourself having a ‘clear conscience’ for not eating meat - however the problem remains because meat is still being massively produced through abusive processes. 

7. Equal Money System cannot be a religion - there is nothing being worshipped or segregated through any form of ‘belief’ - it is actually a never-before existent system that contemplates every single living being’s reality in order to create the necessary legal framework to take into consideration what is best for all living forms to live, how the entire ecosystem that is this world can be corrected and directed through first of all, giving equal accesss to the resources that are here, of the Earth, in order to be distributed to enable dignified living conditions for all. 

See how traditional farming existed 50 years ago - investigate how animals were having quite a cool life and still were used for eating purposes - the problem is not only economical, it is also cultural wherein culture is once again shaped by money wherein ‘new needs’ and ‘eating trends’ are created - no different to the current organic lifestyle that is just causing a more elitist way of ‘feeling good about yourself and what you eat.’

8. Veganism: proselitize, spread the word, worshipping an idea of ‘saving animals though not eating them’ which is essentially disregarding how the entire chain of consumption works in this world wherein everything we eat is actualy Alive. We are buying everything we eat through abusive means = money based on profit/ system of abuse. It is an interrelated system that cannot be disregarded through only advocating stopping eating meat. 

9. Everything you eat is alive - everything. Disregarding a plant as not alive then you are certainly missing a big point within your existence - and this is a common point wherein the point that drives such perception is just fearing to be supporting abuse within everything you eat. 

10. Boycotting is futile, it is actually adding on to the abuse in this world because it is not ‘tackling’ the problem at its root, it’s just another way to act self-righteously without taking into consideration those that are also living out of the meat industry. What will you do with such beings? Opposing/ fighting and rioting ‘the system’ is only boycotting, rioting and waging war against yourself. This is within the understanding that we are all one and equal and everything we do/ say and participate in has a consequence within this world. Thus we take Self Responsibility for this world within the very foundation of understanding how our own mental-schemes of separation and disregard and desire to have ‘power’ has created the current system we are living in. 

This is how Education is required, to not only create further segregation and opposition instead of actually Hearing the solution that is considering what is best for all in a sustainable manner.

Thus - support yourself to first realize that reacting to a video in an ‘emotional manner’ and create countless comments and projecting such anger through words toward others is certainly diminishing your ability to come through as an acceptable commenter - this leads you to be banned from further commenting for obvious reasons. 

If you are ‘advocating’ stopping animal abuse, why projecting your own self-abuse toward others that are actually considering what is best for all life and are walking a process to speak in Self Honesty?

We don’t ‘oppose’ anyone - yet we are very clear and do ban anyone that is only aiming at discrediting/ slandering or ‘trying to prove somethign wrong’ without an actual understanding of what we are saying and proposing within the context of an overall reform within this system - not only at a monetary level, but also at an individual level wherein we make sure that the words we speak are in fact considering/ regarding what is best for all life. 

For further support: - Read the FAQ to know more about what we are proposing. 


No more Resume writing in an Equal Money System?

Julie Zepeda-Orth Will there be no education requirements? No resume writing? No interviews?

Marlen Vargas Del Razo That’s a cool question Julie - There will STILL be education requirements just as anything requires previous training to perform a certain task - that’s common sense. In terms of basing ‘yourself’ and your ‘value’ according to how many diplomas you’ve earned, it won’t be relevant to make you earn ‘more’ or ‘less money’ as you’ll already be having what you require. Thus the work that you decide to perform and/or develop yourself further in will be based on an actual interest in doing so, it won’t be just a point wherein you can ‘get something out of all the studying’ as money to motivate you - which is the usual criticism that’s placed upon this point. 

There won’t be a need to create a point of competition to get a job as the entire way this world works has been based on scarcity wherein you have to literally ‘compete’ for a job and ‘win’ the position. This won’t be like that in an equal money system, and you won’t have to go through life struggling to get one or being worried about getting one. You’ll only work if that’s your actual free-choice to do so. Free choice will only exist in such a system. 

If you are willing to be self honesty, you’ll see that money as a motivation is then obviously not real self-motivation. Equal Money will allow people to be ‘true’ about their intentions and willingness to do things in this world, within this work won’t be a synonym of survival but of actual interest and self expression.

Equal Money: some Q’s and Perspectives

  • @MarlenLife I have a question for you: Let´s presume for a second, the equal money system was to be established worldwide and every newborn child on earth had a fair chance for survival and an acceptable lifeexpectancy. How would you deal with overpopulation (which obviously would explode off the charts!)?

  • @whotheme overpopulation is happening already whether you have equal money or NOT therefore I have no answer for that because we haven’t even solved that in the current system. My perspective is there’s obviously lack of education and many that live in extreme poverty have more kinds that your average middle class. This also places into perspective what determines birth rate: money or the lack of it which implies lack of education and means for birth control -

  • And I’m a democratic socialist promoting a system in which workers own the work place and the people own the state, where by law everyone is equal in rights and privileges and even garbage collectors can hold their heads high like they do in Denmark.

  • @Laughingblades How about creating a system that supports everyone Equally with everyone taking care of the maintenance of the system through an Equal Money System which is equating life and the actual tangible goods and services that can be provided for all as a birth right. So, we could implement such living standard for everyone regardless of where they are in the world. A dignified living for all. Research equalmoney . org

  • @MarlenLife Not everyone is equally skilled and motivated, and not everyone wants the same things, but I do support the ultimate goal of everyone having equal access, I simply see socialism as a step towards that goal. Socialism works with a flawed humanity that has far to grow and socially evolve before anything like Communism can actually work, but ultimately I want a world in which most labor is handled by machines, everyone has access to resources, and human beings have no use for money.

  • @Laughingblades skills are currently limited to people not having enough money to train themselves for that. Equality does not mean you’ll always ‘want the same as the other’ no - it is about having the same access to what is here for everyone to have a dignified living = equal access. Let’s forget about socialism and communism that have proven themselves to fail already. Investigate Equal Money System -We Can make use of anything that’s here as technology, but what matters is equality.

    • @MarlenLife Yes skills are limited by lack of access but that isn’t the only issue, not everyone would be equally skilled even if everyone had equal access and not everyone would be equally motivated even if they were equally skilled. I support equal access and dignified living for everyone, what I’m saying is that socialism is a good way to get us started down that path and rise out of the struggle most of us are in so that we can actually see the destination.

      Laughingblades 1 hour ago
    • @Laughingblades Please watch the video on Equal money and self motive action as well as other ones that have already explained yoru points here - including equal money and communism - the destination is not placed YET we must create an outcome that’s best for all.

      MarlenLife 1 hour ago
    • @MarlenLife Right but what I mean is that socialism is a stepping stone to equal access and a good quality of life for everyone being a goal. First we need a populist movement to pull us out of the mire of bureaucratic business elites ruling over our daily lives, and take back the narrative from the economic social darwinists, the case for socialism can be made in a way that wins over the American worker if only people would take back the narrative, and from there, maybe a technocracy.

      Laughingblades 1 hour agoReply
    • @Laughingblades There can be no power ruler on Equality - We all feed such ‘ruling bureaucratic business elites’. Socialism is burned now and people react to the slightest word next to it, plus it never worked as there was STILL a ruling class. So - Equality is the way, equal power to all where everyone is equally responsible. No need to resort to only focusing on production ways, but actually taking the whole into consideration beyond production only, a new living system that considers LIFE.

      MarlenLife 47 seconds ago

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