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416. Relationships: Not about the Taste, but the Nutrients

416. Relationships: Not about the Taste, but the Nutrients

There are times when the most obvious still manages to become part of my moment to moment living, and this has been mostly ghosts of the past meaning people, places, past relationships with specific individuals that I also developed highly obsessed type of relationships too. And so what I heard in an interview on Paranoiais about this “positive” type of paranoia wherein I realize that I had…

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392. Why are Emotional Relationships a Fuckup?

392. Why are Emotional Relationships a Fuckup?

Continuing from:

“So the disillusionment with arts have to do with My Own expectations about it. How I thoughtthat this was ‘the way’ to change the world and of course I didn’t follow through with ‘becoming an artist’ in…

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The Starting PointBy Ken Cousens
“True Love cannot exist in the presence of Unequal Station” In this essay we will…View Post

The Starting Point

By Ken Cousens “True Love cannot exist in the presence of Unequal Station” In this essay we will…

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No More Friendship Shenanigans - Quotes by Matti Freeman

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that I only feel alone because I have not included myself in Life - I have not expanded myself to include all Life As Me - and I have thus made ‘life’ into the search for others who share my limited self definitions so I can feel like I have ‘companionship’ in existence - not realizing that this companionship is not real because when I lose a friend, then I feel alone again which shows that at my core, I have not yet decided that I am even alive - because if I was alive - I would be Life - and as Life I cannot feel lonely because I include All as Myself and I am Here with All Life - how can I be lonely when I am Here in existence with billions of beings? How can I be lonely if I am All Life?

I commit myself to stop defining myself in a limited way based on interests, preferences, lifestyle, fashions, tastes, beliefs, opinions, so that I can stop existing as a personality that must seek validation and companionship through finding similar personalities to be in relationship with where we agree with each other and fuel our self definitions by only talking about / participating in things that support our self definitions - therein excluding ourselves from all there is to consider / be aware of / participate with as LIFE

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing myself to hide from my inner experience of myself through allowing myself to manipulate others egos so that they’ll say things that stroke my own ego so I can feel better about myself 

realize that to give Life to myself, I must decide I am Life, and remove all self definitions based in the acceptance of self as being less than All Life — but within this I realize I will have to walk a process of standing one and equal with all Life, in realizing I have separated myself from Life through and as a system of energy called the mind as thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I have allowed to exist as a representation of Life based on my own accepted self belief that I as a human am less than Life - and so I will have to dismantle my entire mind as all the patterns of my conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind that I have accepted and allowed to exist within and as me in place of Life — wherein, I must replace ‘me as the mind’, with ‘me Here as Life’ - which will be a process of Self Creation — as Me as Life has never existed before and so I must create Me as Life through a process of stopping myself existing as the mind / energy / limited self definitions, so that I can rebirth myself anew in my physical body — and wherein I realize that what is Here as this reality is mostly stuff that I do not yet understand and thus am not Equal to it in fact — and so I will have to learn what exists here as this reality, how it works, how it is being created, so I can stand one and equal to it and integrate it as myself Here 

I commit myself to standing and walking with the group of people already transforming themselves from limited robots of energetic neediness and manipulation, to principled beings that stand as Life Together and do what is required to be done to create a new world system that supports ourselves as All Life

When and as I find myself not wanting to give up ‘my life’ of limited friendships based on relationships between limited self definitions, I stop myself and realize that I am part of the problem in this world when I am accepting and allowing friendships to exist, as I am saying it is okay and acceptable for human beings to accept themselves to be less than Life, which is then used as a justification to ‘just care about my own experience’ as self interest and not take responsibility for this world

When and as find myself blaming my friends / ex-friends for not ‘supporting me’ - I realize I am the one to blame for not supporting myself, because I am the one that accepts and allows myself to define myself in limited ways and to require others to validate me and accept me and support my personality — therefore I stop blame and I delete my limited personality / self definitions with self forgiveness so I can be free to expand my definition of Self to include all Life so I can stop requiring ‘friends’ to apparently ‘give me life’

Day 21: Stopping Friendships and Becoming a Friend to Life

Artwork and words by Matti Freeman

Well, I won’t lead by example cause my perfect life would be a small house with virtually nothing in it near a beach that I could take an afternoon swim in. To lead by example you must actually want more for yourself, for others and although I could lead by example, be the larger than life leader people need (my ego apparently is unparalleled), I just don’t care enough. I’m an elitist, people are too stupid for their own good, its a huge problem but I’ll ignore it till the shit hits the fan.

@ThaChicken on the video 2012 Is Human Stupidity Really Infinite?

This is proof of how little can human nature realize what we have created in this world.  Only ‘caring enough’ once the shit hits the fan, but will there be anything to care about and save then?

Time is ticking out

Day 24: MY MIND IS BLOWING UP! by Bernard Poolman 

Day 24: MY MIND IS BLOWING UP! by Bernard Poolman 

Equality Proselytism: Selling Self-Honesty is Not a Good business

What is there left to sell in a world where our very breath is compromised according to the amount of money one has?

What is proselytizing in a world wherein we teach ourselves to survive and sell ourselves ‘well’ within the life-market of values wherein you and I would not be able to be here if it wasn’t by specific configurations within reality of having/ not having money that has made it possible for us to be having this exchange while there are billions of people starving, wondering why we can continue disregarding the evidence of our own disregard toward all beings in this reality as Ourselves, and still solace in judging words that could potentially change your life if you would be willing to step aside from everything you’ve known in order to understand reality at an existential level = out of our ever present limitations of the mind which can only care for personal interest and fueling a self-definition that can make us feel like ‘gods’ of existence. Isn’t that so? The only reason why we share this is within the realization that:

if one is fucked in this reality = everyone is equally fucked - and this means that remaining trapped in a single knowledge point that separates you and I from realizing ourselves as equals, is a point that must be exposed and magnified in order to make it visible and obvious to each other how beliefs, antagonism and further vindication of personal preferences can only lead to further enslavement as the separation of who we really are as physical beings here.

Would you be willing to do the same for others as yourself, to share the realizations that have lead you out of your cage and still call it ‘proselytizing’ - I’d call it life-changing words that I can implement to start seeing who I am and what I can practically do to ensure that I stop existing as merely an energized idea of myself- and instead learn how life can only thrive in Equality.

Are Atheists Prisoners of the Mind as Well?

Process: Prowl-cess

prowl: n verb move about stealthily or restlessly in search of or as if in search of prey. 

cess2 : n noun (in phrase bad cess to) chiefly Irish a curse on. 


This process is like checking in to rehab - your mind says ‘No, No, No’ yet you know that it is in the best interest of all. 

In the end, having to see it as rehab implies that there was an addiction to it and yes, we have all been addicts to our own mind. That seemingly incessant search and quest to ‘find ourselves’ ceases the moment that we realize that we have always been here. 

So, resistances are met along the road, having to let go of something that you spent so much time feeding and building up, such as the ideas that we had of who we are and cultivating our ego with the same care that any farmer would take care of his crops. 

The moment that we start feeling our body, the mind experiences become so dead evident that it’s like a quake going on inside you. 

There was another earthquake, this time I didn’t even get out of my room - yet it didn’t feel that much different to the physical experience within me. 

Is it that we have always been so separated from our physical body that we cannot even feel our blood flowing? how come we have only ‘known’ that ‘blood runs through our veins’ and that that’s the only real-running and flowing that goes on in the physical - any other ‘chasing after chasing’ is merely an idea, a belief, a non-tangible reality. 

I breathe, I see. I realized that I am more self conscious when walking out in the streets - I tend to become less aware when being in front of the computer - so, equalizing self here to be equally aware of every blink and every breath just as when walking in the streets. 

Cessing the Prowl - no more see.kings and that means that yes, the mind goes into rehab to finally stop serving a god - literally - and earth itself back to its source and origin - here: systems are us, there is nothing artificial in this world. Tags and values only exist as nametags in our own mind - yet the power of such nametags as words, values, have been our own demise. 

What emerged from these ‘nametags’ is a world of separation - in the beginning was the word and with it all hell broke lose as it became a weapon to divide an conquer, to elevate, to back down, to offend, to kill, to exterminate and all the other nice fluffy things that we used to sweeten the idea of life we created. 

In a world where flesh is our mirror, the love we show for all living beings in flesh is certainly not love. The mental show with which we justify the feeling of love while the mirror of flesh shows the dishonesty, is the way of the lie. The living world as flesh on earth shows only that hate has become reality and is spreading fast as more and more find themselves without physical support. What human could possibly promote a feeling of love when the flesh of love do not represent this love in action? Self honesty as the living flesh is the most difficult thing that exist and will mirror who is here as Life and who is here as mental energy Ego.

 Bernard Poolman The Mirror of Flesh

Stop being a smart-ass

When we stop defining ourselves as being anything, we can be all without having to then measure ourselves according to our own previous standards of what being ‘fill in the blank’ is/ means and is measured according to. 

By being all means not being defined as just one single thing and remaining within the same old bounds yet obviously considering what’s best for all as equals when living out words that will be self-supportive. 

If we stop defining ourselves as ‘smart’ or as any other ‘mental consideration’ for that matter, we stop measuring ourselves within such bounds and we start ‘freeing’ ourselves and our expression because we don’t have to ‘fall on the same pattern’ or ‘keep ourselves within our own bounds/ definitions’. 

The only thing that could strive to let go of such perceived ‘attributes’ is the ego, yet once again is just one single aspect of the entire embroidery of nice-picture looking aspects that define and confine ourselves the most as we’ve placed worth and value on to them which we then take to ‘fear of loss’ as in fearing losing ourselves according to the value and self-worth we’ve defined ourselves as according to wearing such nice embroidery when in fact, it can only be a nice suit to wear for others to then ‘value’ ourselves accordingly and within this, perpetuating the never ending quest for ego-thon. Time to stop for real. 

(Original reply to Hilda’s thread here Check out desteni’s forum wherein we expose the mind for what it is! so we can get over our own ego-fits and stand as Equals. 

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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