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370. Desteni Insider: God, Spirituality, the Afterlife
Coming to the realization that who we are in this world is not working to create a better world…View Post

370. Desteni Insider: God, Spirituality, the Afterlife

Coming to the realization that who we are in this world is not working to create a better world…

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369. Desteni: An Insider’s ReportView Post

369. Desteni: An Insider’s Report

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Atheism : Defining yourself According to the Non-existence of God is validating its conceptual existence

It’s fascinating to have a group of human beings defining themselves according to the Non-Existence of God, which by definition creates a proper place for God to exist, otherwise How would an a.theist - a=without theos= god exist?

Common sense is absolutely neglected for the sake of keeping some stimulating entertainment in place, such as what denying god and being an atheist has become.

What is there beyond god and opposing it for an atheist?

Another religion, another consequence from the desire to overpower god through the typical mechanical bashing of a point to gain a sense of power from it. Machines thrive on energy sucking from another life form - is that all that we are?

Illustrate yourself here: Are Atheists Prisoners of the Mind as Well?

Equality Proselytism: Selling Self-Honesty is Not a Good business

What is there left to sell in a world where our very breath is compromised according to the amount of money one has?

What is proselytizing in a world wherein we teach ourselves to survive and sell ourselves ‘well’ within the life-market of values wherein you and I would not be able to be here if it wasn’t by specific configurations within reality of having/ not having money that has made it possible for us to be having this exchange while there are billions of people starving, wondering why we can continue disregarding the evidence of our own disregard toward all beings in this reality as Ourselves, and still solace in judging words that could potentially change your life if you would be willing to step aside from everything you’ve known in order to understand reality at an existential level = out of our ever present limitations of the mind which can only care for personal interest and fueling a self-definition that can make us feel like ‘gods’ of existence. Isn’t that so? The only reason why we share this is within the realization that:

if one is fucked in this reality = everyone is equally fucked - and this means that remaining trapped in a single knowledge point that separates you and I from realizing ourselves as equals, is a point that must be exposed and magnified in order to make it visible and obvious to each other how beliefs, antagonism and further vindication of personal preferences can only lead to further enslavement as the separation of who we really are as physical beings here.

Would you be willing to do the same for others as yourself, to share the realizations that have lead you out of your cage and still call it ‘proselytizing’ - I’d call it life-changing words that I can implement to start seeing who I am and what I can practically do to ensure that I stop existing as merely an energized idea of myself- and instead learn how life can only thrive in Equality.

Are Atheists Prisoners of the Mind as Well?

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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