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415. Transcendence and the Potential of Technology

415. Transcendence and the Potential of Technology


The movie Transcendence shows the potential that exist for technology to be used for the benefit of enhancing our abilities as human beings, improving health care systems, ensuring efficiency and else – or enhancing ourabilities as human beings attempting to be omnipresent, all knowing and all powerful gods. As with everything: we are the ones that decide the ways in which something…

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407. The Mind as Mankind’s Fall

407. The Mind as Mankind’s Fall

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The original nature of man as ‘fallen’ can be understood as that origin and starting point of our existence as the manifestation of the separation of Self as one and equal. This is about that primordial separation from which we have come a long, long way up to now where we virtually have no remembrance of how long we have been repeating the same…

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405. Culture: the Clockwork of our Psychosphere

405. Culture: the Clockwork of our Psychosphere

 We may not change culture overnight, but we certainly CAN begin changing the way that we live and participate in it.

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  Seeing it from this perspective to me is quite supportive to ponder ‘twice’ any time I go to watch a film or see any works of art and remind myself that what I see is not special, not unique, it won’t give me a…

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#Awareness is the becoming, living and applying as who each are in truth, in essence which have been lost, forgotten as who we are through our, through each one’s allowance to be controlled and enslaved by consciousness systems, knowledge and information systems and through this allowance allowed ourselves to define ourselves according to knowledge and information systems as who we have believed and perceived ourselves to be. To place the difference between consciousness and awareness into perspective would be the following: Awareness as self in application is flow; consciousness is systematic pre-programmed delegated movement. Awareness as self in application is becoming aware of specific behavioural patterns which do not honour who I am in a moment, I then immediately stand up within and as awareness, correct the behavioural pattern which do not honour me immediately, instantaneously and not again allow myself to look back and apply it again. As consciousness, when a specific behavioural pattern is lived, this behavioural pattern has been defined as who the being is in and as consciousness, thus will be conscious of the behavioural pattern, see it, but not do anything about it at all as the being have defined themselves according to the behavioural pattern and will not let it go as it’s apparently part of who they are and when they let it go, they will be lost too. So, when a being is conscious of something, anything, it will be noticed, but nothing will be done to support themselves in taking corrective action to change that which is necessary to be changed to set them free from enslaved existences, whereas in and awareness as self in application, the corrective action is done immediately, the being stand up and take responsibility and not allow themselves to apply such allowances again. Awareness as self in application directs, consciousness requires a systematic pre-programmed route to be directed. Awareness as self in application takes responsibility for self; consciousness requires total dependency to be able to exist. Awareness as self in application stands alone, all-one, consciousness requires relationships as self-defined existences to be able to sustain itself. Awareness as self in application moves as self, consciousness requires a pre-programmed delegated format to be able to move through friction or conflict. Awareness as self in application creates through unconditional self-expression, consciousness requires and uses that which has already been here, to establish upgrades, replicas or duplicates to form an idea, a prospect, an illusion of creation which is not real. Awareness is life, is who I am in practical application in every moment, becomes my presence as awareness stands infinitely here, in every moment, stable, unwavering, untouchable – always infinitely constant, everyday the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Consciousness is systems, is systematic, and is pre-programmed, never stable, never constant, inconsistent and unreliable where human beings exist in perceptions, thoughts, presumptions and idealisms only. Awareness is when each human being lives the words they speak, when they are the words they speak and they become the words they speak as a statement of who they are in application – the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Awareness is self as the living word, living and applying as the living word in every moment with every breath.
The Astrology of Heaven in the times of Revelation • Desteni - Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles
The Starting PointBy Ken Cousens
“True Love cannot exist in the presence of Unequal Station” In this essay we will…View Post

The Starting Point

By Ken Cousens “True Love cannot exist in the presence of Unequal Station” In this essay we will…

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All Makes Sense Now

I commit myself to – through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application assist and support me to put out the fire of me asEnergy/Mind/Consciousness that has consumed my physical-body and beingness, and equally as one putting out the Fire as me within this physical-existence as me as the World-System of Money that has equally as one consumed from and of this physical existence, as the very physical-materials/manifestations and lives of beings/manifestations within this physical existence for it to continue surviving/existing.

I see, realise and understand, that – for me as Energy/Fire to exist, I consume my very beingness/physicality for me as Fire/Energy to only exist for a finite-moment in and as the eternity of and as this physical existence as a whole. And so, through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application – I commit myself to, assisting and supporting me, to release the fear of not existing as Fire/Energy, that can only exist when I know that I will cease to exist as Energy/Fire eventually, because my existence is dependent on the consumption of substance/physicality of which I only have so much opportunity/time to use/abuse for me as Energy/Fire to exist for a finite moment.. And in releasing this Fear through releasing myself from and of Energy as the Mind/Consciousness and returning me to Substance/Physicality as the process I walk in standing/being/becoming the Living Word as transforming myself from Energy-experience to Physical-Living, to stand equal-to and one-with substance/physicality/existence: I will come to see/realise/understand that I have not ever in fact existed/lived – I have survived through consumption. That I have never in fact existed/lived as I have missed Life, here as existence in and as equality and oneness as me, and so in that – my fear of not existing was only manifested, because I wasn’t EXISTence in fact as eternity, here.

The Forward March to HELL: DAY 28

The Law of Energetic Abuse is the last name of our creation: is our very growth the byproduct of a Negative experience?

"I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, how – my very ‘physical-movement’ from/of the female physical-body womb, is/has been equal-to and one-with my initial manifested-singularity movement within/as existence when I initially emerged/manifested myself into/as a manifested-singularity within/as existence. Where, in my initial solid-standing as manifested-singularity, as manifested-separation that manifested friction/conflict as negative-energy experience to/towards existence/the whole as me as I conceptualized me as an individual separate from/of the whole – where that initial negative-energy experience was enough to accumulate into neutral energy-experience and positive-energy experience, as I was standing/remaining there in that one solid-standing position – the positive-energy experience of/as the MORE of me started lessening, to the neutral energy experience of/as only me and eventually experienced only the ‘lesser’ of/as me as negative-energy experience as the friction/conflict reverberation/ripples from/of the structure/formation of/as my manifested-singularity that manifested and was experienced within/as me. And as my awareness of/as me as Energy had already been defined within/as the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience, I in/as my manifested-singularity moved myself to search/look for the experience of/as me within/as myself as the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience. And as I MOVED through/as the motivation of/as the lesser experience of/as me as negative-energy experience to look/search for the more of/as me as positive-energy experience, the very movement generated/created more friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, accumulated the neutral energy experience into and as the positive-energy experience of/as MORE of/as me. And so, from that moment – the very movement of/as me as manifested-singularity was constant/continuous in/through the motivation of/as me - searching for/looking for the MORE of/as me as Energy within/as myself as positive energy-experience the moment I started experiencing either the neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ and/or the negative-energy experience of/as the lesser of me."

The Negative ALWAYS Move the Positive: DAY 25 by Sunette Spies 

Day 24: MY MIND IS BLOWING UP! by Bernard Poolman 

Day 24: MY MIND IS BLOWING UP! by Bernard Poolman 

I commit myself to call on all parents that serve as the doorway to new life on Earth to stop creating only a fake consciousness that seeks rewards and self-interest as the accumulation of such abuse will eventually reach a point of no return, where it will become impossible for life to have a future on Earth as well as impossible for the mind-self to exist.

Day 25: MINDING My OWN Business By Bernard Poolman

The "Money High", the "God/Religious High", the "Sugar High", the "Spirituality High", the "Energy High" - what do they all have in common? They take you “High Up” into alternate dimensions of Mind – completely separating self, from self and the physical. “Money” – participating in the World-System, not seeing/considering/regarding the consequences this very System is manifesting in this world (starvation, poverty, sex trafficking, wars, famine etc.) as the high of money separates self completely of taking any action/direction of bringing forth a solution to this world that consider all equally as one. “God/Religions” – taking absolutely no self-responsibility for self’s mind and living and how self’s participation in this world create/manifest how it exist today, but cling onto the illusion of “Hope”, and so – are equally as one responsible for what this world/humanity is/has become. “Sugar” – addiction/dependency on Sugar manifest consequence for the human physical body, but not even conscious/aware of this, because one is “happy” in the “high” of Sugar, not considering/regarding the effects it’s having on your living in this world. “Spirituality” – locked in a constant “High” of energy in the Mind, completely separate from this actual physical reality and really participating physically, practically in bringing about a world that is best for all – equal and one, as it’s much easier to lock oneself in one’s mind, making self BELIEVE that you’re having an effect/making a change, but it’s all just happening in the confines of one’s own Mind as this world slowly, but surely continues to self-destruct, because beings are not stopping/changing that actual cause/source/origin: who we are and what we live. “Energy” – as we’ve come to depend/define ourselves as Consciousness, obsessed with and possessed by “experience” of “energy” of emotions/feelings and only pursuing our self-interest in this world, not considering directing ourselves/our living to stand within the principle of walking this world into an existence where all can in fact be equal and one, but instead – we remain in competition, greed, jealousy, envy, comparison, survival of the fittest – only looking out for ourselves and our own energy experiences. Time to get off your “High Horses” and get back down to REALITY – walk out of the Mind-“High” and place yourself firmly in the physical and walk in this world, walk for this world – because Nothing/No-one will change, if we don’t in fact LIVE as examples of what this world has always supposed to have been. Investigate Desteni, where we’re dropping the “High” addictions/obsessions/possessions as illusions of mind/consciousness and walking a physical process of the future of humanity.

Sunette Destonian Spies 

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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