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I commit myself to remind Atheists to remain as just another label, using labelling instead of deductive reasoning, will put the integrity of Atheists and Atheism in question and would give rise to the question: whether Atheists are in fact equally controlled by the possibility of victimization as are Christians are controlled by the possible victimization of an angry God.

Bernard Poolman - Day 16: Atheism Failed as Home for Reason?

If all you ask from God is Money

¬†then why not just calling God ‘Money’ and save the entire rituals and tags as being a christian or a muslim a spiritual person? - that way we can start getting a bit more real in terms of what is the one seemingly ‘unbeatable’ power in reality, which is, by the way, also an illusion.

Money is an Illusion - it is a make believe system:

To read more about this: 

Dethroning GOD: DAY 16

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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