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The Separation of Self - The Energetic Absurdity of Existence
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to in and as equality and oneness with and as substance and energy, from and in the beginning – see, realise and understand, how and why it’s not that energy ceased to exist or that substance ceased to exist as the energy that it had separated itself into and as: but that energy-itself as a portion/part/segment of and as substance returned into and as substance, to again accumulate substance/existence with and as that which it had given/away from and of itself as the part/segment/portion that manifested as energy from and of the friction/conflict as the negative, that would return within and through waves as the positive and re-accumulate back into and as substance/existence. This re-accumulation of substance from what it initially had given away – substance/existence interpreted as a positive-energy experience as its energy-parts returned to itself in waves. With substance not seeing/realising/understanding; that the energy came into existence as giving away parts of itself, and that the waves it was experiencing was still only itself as its parts returning to itself as energy to substance. But, because substance/existence was separated from and of even itself as HERE – it did not see/realise/understand the relationship of the negative, neutral and positive that it had created within itself, and so eternally enslaved itself into and as the relationship with and as itself, from the negative – moving in opposition to/towards itself creating energy, and to the neutral as the moment substance consume energy back into and as itself and the positive as the moment the consumption/return of energy to substance manifest the waves/movements/ripples back into itself. To when/as the positive within and as substance/existence eventually diminish/lessen, substance/existence will ‘physically move’ itself again to re-loop the process from the negative, to the neutral and to the positive.  

Existential Explanation : Wave-Theory of Creation: DAY 62


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