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404. Deconstructing Culture as Myself

404. Deconstructing Culture as Myself

As I continue my self-investigation it seems that realizing the fact that we all have been preprogrammed individuals following a very specific ‘plan’ that involved conditioning ourselves to become a certain role/personality in our minds and never question it,  wasn’t still completely grasped within me when it comes to seeing culture and how it has been specifically designed to support…

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It’s time to question who is behind administering the EXAMS and who gave them the right to do so in the first place?.
We are all responsible from the moment that we ‘chose’ to create an ‘educational system’ that could filter out those that would not match the necessary obedience and compliance required to maintain/ sustain a system that deifies money/god/energy and neglects the actual living flesh that was never meant to be abused in the name of the mind’s desire for power and control - which are the current ‘qualities’ of our monetary system. Hence, it’s all about segregation : divide and conquer. For some to be ‘on top’ there must be inevitably some form of ‘instrument’ = doctrine/education that can make others believe that ‘they are inherently flawed’ - that way, these self-believed ‘inherently flawed’ individuals will accept a lower position within the hierarchical structure of society. Thus, the educational system serves one god only: Money and for that, slaves and masters are required.

Equal Money System is the solution to create an actual living consideration of each individuals abilities/ skills. The only reason why we had not questioned is because we thought ourselves to be the victims of it, instead of the actual co-creators of such egregious measures in the name of our own ability to seek happiness/ power/ control at the expense of deliberately numbing down others to be the slaves that sustain our current ‘lifestyle’ bubble of existence. - Marlen Vargas Del Razo ||  
Calling All Activists: Here’s the Real Deal

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the only way to change the world in a peaceful way would be through political means and the direction of my financial support.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the only way to change the world in a peaceful way would be through political means and the direction of my financial support.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deliberately disempower myself by taking on actions as an activist, while the real power behind activism is money, which comes from corporations that only serve the self-interest of profit, forcing me as activist into a compromise where I am useless in fact, and only a token that will never change the world in fact.

I commit myself to call on all activists to reinvestigate their true support, so that those that realize that change is necessary can align themselves with practical solutions if they can get past their ego of self-interest and acceptance of the current system.

Day 30: The Decision by Bernard Poolman

Fourteenth Amendement - Rebellion

Why people that participate in rebellions and riots in America are screwing up their opportunity to establish real change in the world?

Citizenship and civil rights

Participants in rebellion

Section 3 prohibits the election or appointment to any federal or state office of any person who had held any of certain offices and then engaged in insurrection, rebellion or treason. However, a two-thirds vote by each House of the Congress can override this limitation. In 1898, the Congress enacted a general removal of Section 3’s limitation.

- There you go. That’s a significant difference from the mexican laws for example where it was the people that participated in “revolutions” that took presidency charges and later on, obviously, just morphing into an acceptable way of  a usual right-wing party. 

So, anyone participating in OWS or Anonymous or any other group that is NOT considering change at a political level, are obviously on the wrong track from the get go. However even if they suddenly realized that All Systematic Change must be Political and they are identified as OWS participants, they might be subject to the unholy amendment here. 

So, consider real actions through political means that stand as what’s best for all. No More Rebellions, No More Antagonism toward the system, No More Riots. — vote for the best options on the website. 

FreeDOOM/ Free CHOICE and the #Anonymous group

  • Phil Adams I LIKE the idea of having the freedom/choice to be Anonymous and it is not like the mask is permanent…3 hours ago · Like
  • Marlen Vargas Del Razo Phil Adams, that translates into ‘I LIKE the idea of being able to abuse others and getting away with it’ Why ELSE would be the reason to be ‘anonymous’ it’s plain obvious - the mask is just the cherry at the top as the necessary accessory to proof they’re not ‘real’ in any way but based on a hollywood movie. 

    If you would actually dare to investigate this world and how you live in it, you would see that such ‘freedom’ is just a nice word implanted in constitutions to make the citizens feel a little less enslaved, yet it’s not real. Same with freedom of choice, why don’t starving kids have such apparent ‘freedom of choice’ to live in a country where they have proper food, healthcare and conditions to growp up as what should be a ‘regular human being’ - why don’t women have such ‘freedom of choice’ of not having to sell themselves to the sex market and instead be able to earn money in a dignified living -even more so! being unconditionally supported in an Equal Money System for both cases. 

    Think twice before you defend self righteousness without considering the consequences that such single acceptance and allowance has in the entire world system, because it is in these seemingly ‘unimportant events’ that take place in your head that the mess of this world is created.

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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