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One finds that there is really nowhere else to start: we have to begin with the human capacity for work, with the famous concept of creativity - already bastardized by fashion of course - to understand that this is a concept of art in which all can participate, whereby every human being must be an artist. If we want to achieve a different society where the principle of money operates equitibly, if we want to abolish the power money has developed over people historically, and position money in relationship to freedom, equality and fraternity - in other words, develop a functional view of the interaction between the three great strata or spheres of social forces: the spiritual life, the rights life and the economic life - then we must elaborate a concept of culture and a concept of art where every person must be an artist in this realm of social sculpture or social art or social architecture - nevermind what terms you use.

Joseph Beuys

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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