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If we ever want an end to War, and end to Greed, an end to Conflict, an end to Poverty and Starvation, an end to Neglect —- we’re going to have to Forgive ourselves for our Trespasses against Life…which is Ourselves as Equal….and learn to Give to each other each day our daily Bread, and Judge not one to be more than another, but to have the same Care for one another…
Freedom’s Journey to Life: Day 271: Does the Earth Discriminate?

By Giving up God, you tap into your Greatest Power

Yes, because you then stop wishing and hoping and waiting for something to happen to you and instead, you become the directive principle in your life through Physical Actions.
That’s why the whole notion of ‘the spiritual world is more important than the physical one’ is the key to the current enslavement we are facing as a consequence of neglecting our own responsibility to ourselves and our world as a whole.

Time to stop having faith into something/someone doing things for you, and instead empower yourself through the most integral aspect we all have the ability to live by: taking Self-Responsibility

when a being doesn’t have love or sex, they experience manifested depression as ‘loneliness.’ The system as god, driving the slave as itself, seeking a mate to procreate. And so the system god ensures its eternal existence as the physical manifest.
God of Man: The Physical - Part One and Two • Desteni - Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles
The certainty of god, the system, this reality as the physical of and as its own existence also pertains to the fact that no being will dare to stand up one and equal as all here, but remain obedient slaves to god, themselves, the system as this reality, the physical – and justify their self-abdication through self-defeat to and into the system, for security as money, as fear of being ostracized by the system, god itself as this reality.
God of Man: The Physical - Part One and Two • Desteni - Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles
We become automated slaves from the birthing of ourselves into this world – through the family construct. Wherein the slaves of the system, of god – are already consumed – awaiting the newborns to be initiated into god’s creation – and abdicate all of themselves into and as the horror of this reality, the bosom of god itself – as they are trained and implanted with and in language, culture, religion, marked with an ID and injection as integration into the system, into god – and sent through the preparation phases as education/colle­ge/university and so moulded and developed by the system, through the system – to become the perfect slave for god itself.
God of Man: The Physical - Part One and Two • Desteni - Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles

All religions are one, and that is not a good thing (by Josh Richert)

I commit myself to call on all parents that serve as the doorway to new life on Earth to stop creating only a fake consciousness that seeks rewards and self-interest as the accumulation of such abuse will eventually reach a point of no return, where it will become impossible for life to have a future on Earth as well as impossible for the mind-self to exist.

Day 25: MINDING My OWN Business By Bernard Poolman

I commit myself to remind Atheists to remain as just another label, using labelling instead of deductive reasoning, will put the integrity of Atheists and Atheism in question and would give rise to the question: whether Atheists are in fact equally controlled by the possibility of victimization as are Christians are controlled by the possible victimization of an angry God.

Bernard Poolman - Day 16: Atheism Failed as Home for Reason?

If all you ask from God is Money

 then why not just calling God ‘Money’ and save the entire rituals and tags as being a christian or a muslim a spiritual person? - that way we can start getting a bit more real in terms of what is the one seemingly ‘unbeatable’ power in reality, which is, by the way, also an illusion.

Money is an Illusion - it is a make believe system:

To read more about this: 

Dethroning GOD: DAY 16

Atheism : Defining yourself According to the Non-existence of God is validating its conceptual existence

It’s fascinating to have a group of human beings defining themselves according to the Non-Existence of God, which by definition creates a proper place for God to exist, otherwise How would an a.theist - a=without theos= god exist?

Common sense is absolutely neglected for the sake of keeping some stimulating entertainment in place, such as what denying god and being an atheist has become.

What is there beyond god and opposing it for an atheist?

Another religion, another consequence from the desire to overpower god through the typical mechanical bashing of a point to gain a sense of power from it. Machines thrive on energy sucking from another life form - is that all that we are?

Illustrate yourself here: Are Atheists Prisoners of the Mind as Well?

God - Why believing in GOD Is Abuse

By accepting anything ‘above’ you as the existence of a ‘lord’ as a ‘higher being,’ you are accepting yourself as a servant/ slave to such ‘lord.’ This is what we have accepted and allowed in this world and we are here to Stop such absurd value of systems that begin and end within ourselves. Where do you stand? 

Withing the realization and understanding that we are One and Equal, any idea that is ‘more’ or ‘less’ than who and what we really are is separation, it is a mental creation - not reality. Thus we take a stand from HERE and we are going to HERE - we have to take that stand beginning with accepting and allowing ourselves to realize what it means to be one and equal as everything that is here - how do I/You/ we want this world to be? What does ‘making a stand’ mean to you - we begin with the basics. Life cannot be diminished to a concept, we have to live it.

God concept only indicates separation we have accepted and allowed as ourselves. 

creator-creation are one and equal, it is the relationships in which such creation stand that we have placed ourselves ‘above’ others, which is what the god concept implies - 

Self realization doesn’t require to follow someone’s way, it is you understanding and realizing who you really are as one and equal and in that, there is no need to claim free will/ free choice or requiring ‘rights’ - Within the reality of this world we can see how such relationships have been based upon hierarchy: above and below - never equal and one, which is what forms abuse, worshiping, separation. 

We are here to stop all of that separation and establish relationships that support that which is best for all as Life

In that - no religion, no god, no choice, no, way or entanglement is required other than the basic consideration of what is Best for ALL as Life.

And as Matti has stated, money is the current God in this existence - as the song goes: without money I die, without God I am fine. 

Hence Equal Money is the equalization of who we really are as Life.

It all goes hand in hand, the outcome is always within the consideration of: what’s best for all. See what remains if you stop any belief and you only focus on living/ doing that which is Best for All - you don’t actually require a god concept in the mind to do this. 

Test for yourself!

Definition of Theology


n noun (plural theologies) the study of endless mindfucks created by man throughout history on the creation of an invisible all mighty being/ entity/ energy called ‘God’ which has become the axis of any human congregation as the core belief each participant must have to be part of what is called a religion.

This is the most commonly accepted lie between human beings without there being any visible/ tangible/ self-evident proof that such entity/being exists. This makes of theology the most useless studies that can ever exist considering that their object of study cannot be proven to be real - this makes of theologists chronic liers that can make good money out of it just as anyone involved in the God industry. 

For common sense living in actual physical reality:

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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