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If we ever want an end to War, and end to Greed, an end to Conflict, an end to Poverty and Starvation, an end to Neglect —- we’re going to have to Forgive ourselves for our Trespasses against Life…which is Ourselves as Equal….and learn to Give to each other each day our daily Bread, and Judge not one to be more than another, but to have the same Care for one another…
Freedom’s Journey to Life: Day 271: Does the Earth Discriminate?

#EarthDay? Please… Common Sense Required (by MarlenLife) @EqualMoney

Airplane Flies High

 I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to see/realise/understand, how with my Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind seats preoccupied with knowledge and information, thoughts, memories, emotions, feelings, personalities etc. – which only exist to ensure my survival as energy, as FLYING HIGH above the earth/the physical-body through consuming physicality and transforming it into energy: Where in and as this Plane as the Mind – my only interest is FLYING HIGH in and as quantum time – and I will only now and then, look out through the windows of the Plane/the windows of the Eyes of the Physical and SEE my physical-body as the pain/discomfort it experience, SEE the physical-consequences as abuse/violence/war within this Physical-Existence. But I do not in fact LOOK in and as equality and oneness with and as my physical-body and this physical-existence as me. Because my SEEING is within, as and from the Plane/Mind apparently FLYING HIGH above the physical-body and this physical-existence in and as absolute separation, and so I SEE through the eyes of the MIND, and not through the eyes of the Physical-Body in and as equality and oneness, and not through the eyes of existence in and as equality and oneness. And thus, All I SEE through the Mind/Plane is within and as the starting-point of me as Energy/Mind, and so I will only see the physical-body and this physical existence as an opportunity for me to consume physicality to transform into energy for my own possession/survival of and as Energy/Mind/Consciousness. And not SEE the consequence I as the Mind/Money create/manifest to/towards the Physical-Body and this Physical-Existence, because I am too busy FLYING HIGH in and as quantum-time, and not HERE, landed, grounded and earthed in and as equality and oneness with my Physical-Body and this Physical-Existence as me.

The Law of Energetic Abuse is the last name of our creation: is our very growth the byproduct of a Negative experience?

"I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, how – my very ‘physical-movement’ from/of the female physical-body womb, is/has been equal-to and one-with my initial manifested-singularity movement within/as existence when I initially emerged/manifested myself into/as a manifested-singularity within/as existence. Where, in my initial solid-standing as manifested-singularity, as manifested-separation that manifested friction/conflict as negative-energy experience to/towards existence/the whole as me as I conceptualized me as an individual separate from/of the whole – where that initial negative-energy experience was enough to accumulate into neutral energy-experience and positive-energy experience, as I was standing/remaining there in that one solid-standing position – the positive-energy experience of/as the MORE of me started lessening, to the neutral energy experience of/as only me and eventually experienced only the ‘lesser’ of/as me as negative-energy experience as the friction/conflict reverberation/ripples from/of the structure/formation of/as my manifested-singularity that manifested and was experienced within/as me. And as my awareness of/as me as Energy had already been defined within/as the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience, I in/as my manifested-singularity moved myself to search/look for the experience of/as me within/as myself as the MORE of/as me as positive-energy experience. And as I MOVED through/as the motivation of/as the lesser experience of/as me as negative-energy experience to look/search for the more of/as me as positive-energy experience, the very movement generated/created more friction/conflict as negative-energy experience, accumulated the neutral energy experience into and as the positive-energy experience of/as MORE of/as me. And so, from that moment – the very movement of/as me as manifested-singularity was constant/continuous in/through the motivation of/as me - searching for/looking for the MORE of/as me as Energy within/as myself as positive energy-experience the moment I started experiencing either the neutral-energy experience of/as ‘only me’ and/or the negative-energy experience of/as the lesser of me."

The Negative ALWAYS Move the Positive: DAY 25 by Sunette Spies 

I commit myself to call on all parents that serve as the doorway to new life on Earth to stop creating only a fake consciousness that seeks rewards and self-interest as the accumulation of such abuse will eventually reach a point of no return, where it will become impossible for life to have a future on Earth as well as impossible for the mind-self to exist.

Day 25: MINDING My OWN Business By Bernard Poolman

Fracking Hell on Earth Money Must Support Life NOT Destroy it
Reward – Reap from Wars Within and Without: DAY 20
Fracking Hell: The Untold Story 

Fracking Hell on Earth Money Must Support Life NOT Destroy it

Reward – Reap from Wars Within and Without: DAY 20

Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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