Chorus by Marlen Vargas del Razo - Chorus Lyrics by Anu

Realize - that if you don’t move
if you are not aware of everything that happens,
do you understand? lose, and is simple to see,
then you complain about money and crime,
press - buttons to humans
to see if they realize that their idea is a deception
of old-time, living like zombies every year,
consciousness systems is an abuse and damage,
isn’t weird, proved that this is the test of time
who is worthy to be one and equal with wind
well of course, we who were born from a womb
the physical and life, were and will always
decide, then what you gonna do,
and thus, the real change is to be reborn,
or if you prefer to destroy the world and see it fall
and then wait until you have to see yourself
I suggest you do something for your current situation
because your happiness is mere mental creation
not real, as is inside is outside
Neither Jesus nor God nor angels nor a new era
can try to fix what we have done
consciousness is over - and now death is lurking
perfect, turning our fear of dying
the abuser of life will cease to exist

if i don’t change, if i don’t move,
nothing will change and nothing will move

When the decision is substantial?
when you take your own decision - is essential
if you walk your past with forgiveness is to advance,
reflecting yourself in a better world, it is expected
that your life start shivering - to breathe
means that now the change is real, and walk
each point every step regardless of our case
found that no matter how many judgments or rejects
a hug, in your bed curled like a fetus
accepting yourself and then be complete,
if you understand who you are you realize that respect
indicates inequality of the system that is already dead
controlling by fear looking for safety,
fucking ourselves in the polarity of inferiority
and so each one looks to be God in your reality
without considering plant, animal, and human in equality
and remember, we stand up within and as the mind
see the change if you walk and move and understand
that you correct you on the inner and outter equally
and that decide life is not constantly think
and so life is equated to the rate of blood
that the physical human body pumped every minute
and the key of application is in this song
the realization, when you walk a decision.

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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