It is far more extreme to allow the abuse that happens daily than to live the change you want to see, even if it means letting go of everything you were before and redesigning yourself to be a being of worth, worthy of life. - See more at:
Activist’s Journey To Life: Day 566: No More Waiting, Act NOW
Are you a Vegan/Vegetarian? Just see how your decision to become vegan came upon becoming aware of the abuse toward animals, would you then stop breathing if you realized that ‘breathing’ oxidates your body at a cellular level as well? of course not, yet we live through it. So it is about investigating how we only get ‘hooked’ on some popular forms of abuse such as animal abuse and disregard all the other abuse, such as how without eating your gastric juices are abusing/harming your stomach tissues for not having any food to digest, that’s equally abusive

Are you emotionally driven to consume? Do you have free choice in what you buy?

The teenage years of a person’s life could be the most amazing, educational and creative years, where each person is supported to discover their full potential and begin the process of forming themselves as responsible members of society. But this is not possible in the current system and parents as well as teachers and any and all adults have direct responsibility for this. If we would not want anyone to go through the experiences that we went through as a children and teenagers, why then accept it as normal and natural for the children growing up now? Why take it for granted? Why not envision new rites of passage where youngsters could be introduced into adulthood in ways that would be supportive and nurturing for them to become their utmost potential?
The Puppetry of Puberty and its Traumatic Rites of Passage. 90 | A Teacher’s Journey

409. The Uncomfortable Truth

409. The Uncomfortable Truth

Estamos atados a nuestra mente 07


One of the reasons why this process cannot be done by ‘one individual alone’ is because we are very prone to creating our comfortable bubble where we believe that ‘nothing is happening, I don’t react, everything’s done, my mind is quiet’and how else would it be if I remained in my own little world and my own little bubble!’ So that is certainly not walking process. Facing yourself as this…

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408. Taking it All Back to Self-Responsibility


A deeply ingrained pattern within me was to see everyone and everything else as the source of my dissatisfaction, my anger, my sadness, my despair and general experience of being vexed just about everything in my world. I actually saw this world as not good enough ‘for me’ instead of ever pondering whether I was ‘making it a better place’ with existing in such constant state of complain and…

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407. The Mind as Mankind’s Fall

407. The Mind as Mankind’s Fall

Continuation to:

The original nature of man as ‘fallen’ can be understood as that origin and starting point of our existence as the manifestation of the separation of Self as one and equal. This is about that primordial separation from which we have come a long, long way up to now where we virtually have no remembrance of how long we have been repeating the same…

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"A Mind is Only Open, when you Can Openly Investigate the Mechanics of the Mind. And you only have an Open Mind, when you In Fact Understanding the Exact Mechanics of Every Thought, Feeling and Emotion you have Ever had in your Life - to Understand How you have become who you are now.” This place into Question All Those who Claim to have ‘Open Minds’, because: they haven’t got a clue, and here I have to use it again – how Even One Single Thought is generated, through the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical. - See more at:
Creation’s Journey to Life: Day 256: When the Negative is Positive in Secret Geometry - ADC - Part 103
the End of a Mechanical Existence, where All Emotions and Feelings are Produced by Interdimensional Systems, Presented as Feelings and Thoughts – to Keep the Human Entertained and Engaged in a Faith of Purpose and Meaning, which would Never be Anything that is Best for All Life. But, the Human would Not Notice that, because: they’re Existing, continuously, in Fear – Attempting to Complete their Task by Piecing together a System, which will Result in the Experience of ‘Love’ and which they would then See as ‘Light’. This ‘Light’ and ‘Love’ will Shine and become Brighter if they Focus on it, because – then, the Machine/System Produced, would Function and Produce MORE Energy. And the Energy, will Give the Human the Illusion of ‘Power’. A Power they Never want to Give Up, because they believe it’s ‘Them’. They even call it ‘Divinity’.
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Creation’s Journey to Life: Day 254: Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 2 - ADC - Part 101
“We are as real as what we have allowed ourselves to become as this world– the world being a system expression equal to our minds –we use our minds to create all the machines and technology–our minds interdimensionally actual looks exactly like the systems and machines and TV’s and computers we have in this world–that is our apparent evolution — the externalization of the mind into form — the next stage is the mind becoming actual physical form — this will be really tough to live through — prepare yourself effectively as all sentient life will face this in all ways” – Bernard Poolman
Allegory of the Cave: our excuse to remain as slaves | MarlenLife’s Blog

406. ‘The Fall’ in Process

406. ‘The Fall’ in Process

Throughout this process and interacting with a considerable amount of people online walking the same process within Desteni as I am, I’ve read many, many times how people ‘come’ and ‘go’ when it comes to applying the tools at Desteni like writing, sharing at the forums, sharing our writings and in essence doing so because we understand that this is about placing visibility of the…

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Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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