392. Why are Emotional Relationships a Fuckup?

392. Why are Emotional Relationships a Fuckup?

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“So the disillusionment with arts have to do with My Own expectations about it. How I thoughtthat this was ‘the way’ to change the world and of course I didn’t follow through with ‘becoming an artist’ in…

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By Giving up God, you tap into your Greatest Power

Yes, because you then stop wishing and hoping and waiting for something to happen to you and instead, you become the directive principle in your life through Physical Actions.
That’s why the whole notion of ‘the spiritual world is more important than the physical one’ is the key to the current enslavement we are facing as a consequence of neglecting our own responsibility to ourselves and our world as a whole.

Time to stop having faith into something/someone doing things for you, and instead empower yourself through the most integral aspect we all have the ability to live by: taking Self-Responsibility

We Are The Problem We are Trying to Solve (by Anna Brix Thomsen)

DIY Social Change and Living Income Guaranteed (by Living Income Guaranteed)

391. Noah’s Revelations

391. Noah’s Revelations

I went to watch Noah the other day mostly because I had read some reviews from angry Christians about it and so I was curious to watch it for the sake of understanding what the fuss was about.  I usually like Aronofsky’s work and this wasn’t the exception.


What I liked the most is the ability to place into question the general belief-system surrounding the benevolent godthat Christianity in…

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"Our human nature has been nurtured into the way that it currently exist by a process of cultivation and what this means is that a process of re-cultivation through education must be implemented into our society for social change to become plausible.

What this means is that the structures and systems are coming from within us and not (at least in this context) from for example observing nature and how it operates. When we create hierarchical structures where some workers are considered less valuable and than others and therefore earn less, it is because that is how we have come to think and see each other as human beings in this world. This is why hierarchies and inequality re-emerges, even when the formal structure of hierarchy is removed from for example a business structure. And here we are not only talking about traits of human nature, like greed or inequality that are directly taught to us in our life time from parents and schools. We are talking about centuries of cultivation causing these traits to become embedded into our biocultural nature, as Johnson would put it. Human traits such as greed, self-interest and inequality is embedded into every aspect of human life, from our inner thought-processes to how we structure our physical environments. As such, it is not possible to simply remove one part of the equation and expect the rest to naturally change as well. Cultivating ourselves as human beings into what it is we exist as today has been a long process and changing that therefore obviously is going to take time and diligence. One of the most effective and imperative ways of eliciting social change is through Education.”

Cultivating Social Change Through Education: DAY 80 | A Teacher’s Journey

390. Making Decisions Based on Feelings, Not Facts

390. Making Decisions Based on Feelings, Not Facts

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Quote from “The Love/Hate Relationship with Art” entry: The point is I tried to make My definition of Art fit with what would enable me to use it to demonstrate that it is possible to change the world. However I realized that no matter how many images I…

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Why are we using the word Equality for trivial pursuits of rights that would be forgettable if we could take a step back and see where our real Equality lies and how we could uphold this Right for the whole world, why are we not seeing the urge to reclaim this word from the world of confusion it has been entangled to, just to be reduced to a mockery of its original meaning as in the Equal Human Right to have a living guaranteed for example, or the Equal right of All to a life of dignity, the right to access vital world resources, such as food and water, who really cares about marriages among gay people if not the gays that have been convinced they can’t have that piece of paper, making that piece of paper now so important, so vital, to turn them into the Flagship and Flag bearers of an Equality that could be obtained in so many other ways.
Day 399 – Our Needs are Something to Die For – LIG « Money Matters

389. Are Emotions Necessary to Be Creative?

389. Are Emotions Necessary to Be Creative?

Demystifying artistic endeavors and the experience during creative processes.

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Dejar de Sentir 04

For further context, an emotion is a usually negative experience that in my case I would use as a reason, starting point and ‘catalyst’ to create art. Now, one would believe that ‘negative experiences’ are usually…

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388. Regretting Choices and Definitions

Continuing from: 387. The Love/Hate Relationship with Art Self Forgiveness on: I require to open up – again – the…

388. Regretting Choices and Definitions

Continuing from: 387. The Love/Hate Relationship with Art Self Forgiveness on: I require to open up – again – the…

387. The Love/Hate Relationship with Art

387. The Love/Hate Relationship with Art

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I require to open up – again – the relationshipwith art. I’ve noticed that I created some sort of past bad relationship experience with it, similar to the ones that I’ve had with people throughout my life wherein there were things unsaid, situations undirected and just cutting it up from one day to another without further communication. I realize I’ve done this with art creation and…

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Could it be that the same mind control techniques that in the past century were used to make people compulsively buy and link this experience to a sense of freedom, self determination and democratic values are now being utilized to generate a binding force through an empathic emotional experience between individuals that are informed and/or get to ‘know the truth’ about the reality of how the world system through functions through specific documentaries and audiovisual materials that end up ‘uniting’ people under the banner of ‘standing up to the system’ with promoting apolitical and mostly illegal and off the grid plans to ‘get away from the system/ boycott the system’ and establish/create ‘free societies’? We have witnessed how by the same principle of The Shock Doctrine, People united by a common feeling about a common particular subject are easily controllable once they are united with an emotional bond and necessary directions to be pulled out from creating and establishing any real solutions in this world.

Read all about it:
355. Activism and Mind Control | MarlenLife’s Blog

Libya War: What They Don’t Want You to Know (by corbettreport)

In our modern enlightened societies, politicians have to lie us into war by pretending to care about the people they are bombing. We must expose the lie and help the Libyan people to spread the information about what is happening in their country today.

Keynes said, we might “dare” to assess the “love of money” at its “true value,” which, for those who couldn’t wait, he described as “a somewhat disgusting morbidity, one of those semi-criminal, semi-pathological propensities which one hands over with a shudder to the specialists in mental disease.” In other words, at last, we could afford to shift our attention from the advantages of greed and to disadvantages of greedy people.
Greed Is Good: A 300-Year History of a Dangerous Idea - John Paul Rollert - The Atlantic
The Invisible Hand worked not by appealing to the altruism of exceptionally rich men, but by turning an antisocial instinct like greed into an unwitting civil servant.
Greed Is Good: A 300-Year History of a Dangerous Idea - John Paul Rollert - The Atlantic
Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this


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