Being a leader is not something that happens out there in the future – being a leader is a statement that one makes in every moment of breath and that leadership is something that is physically lived, physically visible, it’s seen in the words, in the behavior and in the movement of the person – it’s a decision to lead oneself and so by example this world into a direction that nourishes life, support, and mutual growth – that is real leadership.
Day 171: The Lego Movie and Leadership | Viktor Persson

We are all interdependent: Learn more about environmental awareness that we can implement as consumers, integrating recycling habits and cooperating with our governments and corporations to assist in ‪#‎environmentalsustainability‬
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When Jesus spoke of the ‘peace that passeth understanding’, this peace was not defined as an opposite to war, not as a polarity, it was the peace of common sense of people coexisting in and as the physical reality living the realization of our equality as life, as custodians of all life on Earth as what is best for all.
Day 240: War and Peace | Adam’s Journey Into Life

"Women, mothers specifically, is one group of people that would benefit form a Living Income, and from my perspective, should be an absolute basic right. The fact that this mother of three must work for $9.49 an hour to support herself and her family, without any support or assistance from the system in which she is working for, goes to show the lack of care we actually have for what we are bringing into this life, let alone the life that is already here.

A Living Income, proposed by the Equal Life Foundation, is a simple step we can take in rectifying this situation - where in giving a living wage to our Mothers we are living the statement of gratitude, and giving to THEM what they have given to US, which is Life”

Quality Life Guaranteed : Mothers and a Living Income - Giving as We have Received

417. How to Become Your Own Role Model

417. How to Become Your Own Role Model

There was a blog entry I made some time ago about the documentary ‘Come and Worry With Us’

397. Come and Stop Worrying about Money & Children with us

about one of my favorite bands and generally discussing the problems that come when lacking sufficient money while still wanting to keep producing art, in this case performing and so generally seeing a more realistic approach to the lives of the…

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(via I am Milk) Cui Bono?

(via I am Milk) Cui Bono?

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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