Demanding Justice? But what about the Laws?

On fairness/unfairness: seek justice according to what we believe our laws dictate in the best interest of all, however we haven’t even investigated why our laws are in fact not best for all/not supportive – so how can we ask for justice if we have never been all involved in ensuring that our laws are founded upon that which is best for all?

415. Transcendence and the Potential of Technology

415. Transcendence and the Potential of Technology


The movie Transcendence shows the potential that exist for technology to be used for the benefit of enhancing our abilities as human beings, improving health care systems, ensuring efficiency and else – or enhancing ourabilities as human beings attempting to be omnipresent, all knowing and all powerful gods. As with everything: we are the ones that decide the ways in which something…

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Binge and Emotional Eating Support

414. Solution to Ferguson: Learn Self-Forgiveness


A fascinating point opened up as I was watching CNN. Yes I tend to criticize CNN quite a bit for the false information and scare they provoke, but as I was cooking last night and turned it on to see what kind of ‘disinfo’ they were sharing, a female TV show host was being interviewed about Ferguson and the words ‘Forgiveness in Ferguson’ were on the headlines of the news section and as I seek…

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Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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