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How much more suffering do we have to allow to happen before we’ll finally be outraged at ourselves and what we’ve allowed in the name of protecting our own self interests and beliefs?
Freedom’s Journey to Life: Day 273: CEOs are easy to blame - but how are we the same as them?

Learn more about ways in which you can corroborate or dismiss economic theory with environmental and sustainability considerations, as well as expanding the myopic view of economics toward a holistic approach that considers our living interdependence to generate genuine sustainable solutions with Maite Zamora Moreno

We all want things to be ‘better for our children’, compared to ‘how things were for us’ – but the truth of the matter is that we can’t just ‘want’ things to be different; we have to actually be and live differently, to manifest the opportunity for our children to live things differently.
Journey to a New Life: Day 55: What’s the Point of Parenting? | Principled Parenting
We function much better when we understand clearly why something must be done, when we are given the opportunity to challenge our own creativity and when we have a strong will to see something through. These things are all things that we must essentially develop within ourselves and apply to all areas of our lives, not just to those few areas of interest or need. Changing this one aspect within ourselves will have a profound effect in our personal lives, but that effect will also ripple out into the world and people around us
Activist’s Journey To Life: Day 622: What Kind of Motivation is Effective?
Through taking the time and effort to create a plan like the one that has been implemented in Salt Lake City, it is now proven that is much more economically feasible and socially responsible to provide housing for everyone, because not only is it supporting people to create a better life, but it’s creating an environment for the community that is more equal and wholesome. No more are we seeing the problem just continue to proliferate, but there is a start of a solution put in place to support these people and in doing so also create a better life and living environment for all. These people who are getting the support of the “Housing First” program in Salt Lake City are now becoming productive citizens in their communities and are able to create a stable life for themselves and for their families.
Solution Oriented Mindset and LIG – “Housing First” Project « Living Income Guaranteed

419. Devaluation of Self

419. Devaluation of Self

It’s fascinating that when we operate in terms of ‘values’ and we value people according to who we perceive them to be – as their amount of studies, knowledge and information and generally known success in life, we sometimes create the notion of ‘famous people’ or people that could be generally perceived as ‘more important than’ or ‘superior’ to others that we have defined as ‘plain mortals’ so…

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Most people have not developed the skill of objectively considering any thing so as to determine whether it is actually what we want/need versus whether it is something we have been ‘impulsed’ to think we need/want. For example: Considering whether you like something that has a popular brand name versus something that does not have a brand name - your perception of the brand name and of the not brand name is more likely to influence your choice than the actual essence of whether you actually like one more or less than the other
Activist’s Journey To Life: Day 620: Economy of Perception
All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

Exposing your mind is the least thing we can do in a world like this

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